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Video and Final Pictures

The raw footage for the kickstarter video and the final pictures I need have been taken. Just need to edit it all together. Speaking on video is definitely not my forte but it had to be done. Hopefully everything comes together cohesively.

Weights and Stuff

Got a new scale so I have recorded the weights of the scroll, mats, and straps. Picked out shipping packages and calculated preliminary shipping costs. I’m not sure how to handle international shipping but I’ll cross that bridge if I ever get to it


Been searching for some strong carabiners today. Ben has tipped me off to the existence of pinned carabiners and I think I found a source that can also print on them. I’ll have them send me a sample so that I can verify quality. I’ve also sent off step files of the plastic bits for quote so hopefully it comes back at a good price

What is this thing?

I would like to introduce the Scroll Play, a scroll shaped combination of card storage and playmat. Just sit down, unroll, and take out your cards. The mat is both stored with the container as well as acts as another protective layer for your valuable cardboard and other things. So convenient! I will be using this blog to detail progress work on trying to get this mass produced.

Ready to Roll Out!
Ready to Roll Out!